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Hannah Carver

University of Stirling

Dr Hannah Carver is a Senior Lecturer in Substance Use in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Stirling and Co-Director of the Salvation Army Centre for Addiction Services and Research at the University of Stirling. Her research focuses on drug and alcohol harm reduction interventions; homelessness; social and health inequalities; young people and families; and peer-delivered interventions. She is interested in qualitative research methods; systematic reviews; and undertaking collaborative research with marginalised groups. 


Recent Publications

Carver, H., Parkes, T., Browne, T., Matheson, C., & Pauly, B. (2020) Investigating the need for alcohol harm reduction and Managed Alcohol Programmes for people experiencing homelessness and alcohol use disorders in Scotland. Drug and Alcohol Review 

Masterton, W., Carver, H., Parkes, T., & Park, K. (2020) Greenspace interventions for mental health in clinical and non-clinical populations: What works, for whom, and in what circumstances? Health & Place, 64 (102338) 

Miler, J., Carver, H., Foster, R., & Parkes, T. (2020) Provision of peer support at the intersection of homelessness and problem substance use services: a ‘state of the art’ review. BMC Public Health, 20 (641) 

Carver, H., Ring, N., Parkes, T., & Miler, J. (2020) What constitutes effective problem substance use treatment from the perspective of people who are homeless? Systematic review and meta-ethnography. Harm Reduction Journal, 17 (10) 

Parkes, T., Matheson, C., Carver, H., Budd, J., Liddell, D., Wallace, J., Pauly, B., Fotopoulou, M., Burley, A., Anderson, I., MacLennan, G., & Foster, R. (2019) Supporting Harm Reduction through Peer Support (SHARPS): testing the feasibility and acceptability of a peer-delivered, relational intervention for people with problem substance use who are homeless, to improve health outcomes, quality of life and social functioning and reduce harms: study protocol. Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 5 (1), Art. No.: 64

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