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News archive: Systematic Review

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Posted on 31st Jan 2024
Burton, R., Fryers, P. T., Sharpe, C., Clarke, Z., Henn, C., Hydes, T., … & Sheron, N. (2024). The independent and joint risks of alcohol consumption, smoking, and excess weight on morbidity and mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis exploring synergistic associations. Public Health, 226, 39-52.
Posted on 2nd Oct 2023
Bunaciu, A., Bliuc, A-M., Best, D., Hennessy, E. A., Belanger, M. J., & Benwell, C. S. Y. (2023). Measuring recovery capital for people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction: A systematic review. Addiction Research and Theory. Advance online publication.