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Posted on 13th Mar 2024
Our fourth seminar of the 2024 Alcohol Occasionals was delivered by Dr Danielle Mitchell on  Wednesday 19 June.   Alcohol places a significant burden on UK ambulance services, with at least one-in-six ambulance call-outs in Scotland being alcohol-related. Ambulance staff in England have reported feeling inadequately prepared for alcohol-related call-outs in surveys, however no previous research has explored their views...
Posted on 4th Mar 2024
Atkinson, A. M., Meadows, B. R., Hobin, E., Vanderlee, L. M., & Sumnall, H. (2024). Qualitative analysis of UK women’s attitudes to calorie-based alcohol marketing and alcohol calorie labelling. Health Promotion International, 39(1), daae006.
Posted on 4th Mar 2024
Masterton, W., Carver, H., Booth, H., McCulloch, P., Ball, L., Mitchell, L., … & Parkes, T. (2024). A qualitative exploration of the relevance of training provision in planning for implementation of managed alcohol programs within a third sector setting. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, 1-10.
Posted on 30th Nov 2023
Dimova, E. D., Shortt, N. K., Mitchell, R. J., Lekkas, P., Pearce, J. R., Clemens, T. L., & Emslie, C. (2023). “Availability is the poor cousin of marketing and pricing”: qualitative study of stakeholders’ views on policy priorities around tobacco and alcohol availability. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, 1-12.
Posted on 7th Aug 2023
Barrie, K., Heydtmann, M.,  McKean, R. (2023). A Qualitative Study of the Views of Alcohol Frequent Attenders at Royal Alexandra Hospital, Renfrewshire.