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Posted on 27th Oct 2023
Manca, F., Parab, R., Mackay, D., Fitzgerald, N., & Lewsey, J. (2023). Evaluating the impact of minimum unit pricing for alcohol on road traffic accidents in Scotland after 20 months: An interrupted time series study. Addiction.
Posted on 2nd Oct 2023
Angus, C., Morris, D., Leeming, G., Le Chen, R.K., Wilson, L., Stevely, A., Holmes, J., Brennan, A. and Gillespie, D., 2023. New modelling of alcohol pricing policies, alcohol consumption and harm in Scotland.
Posted on 5th Jul 2023
Government Social Research/ Welsh Government publication reviewing Minimum Pricing for Alcohol in Wales.
Posted on 2nd Apr 2023
Research study commissioned by Alcohol Focus Scotland (AFS) in 2012 to better understand the scale and magnitude of alcohol’s harm to people other than the drinker in Scotland.
Posted on 1st Apr 2022
Minimum Unit Pricing: Qualitative study of the experiences of homeless drinkers, street drinkers and service providers | Dr Elena Dimova, Glasgow Caledonian University | 31 March | Research presentation | Event report Youth drinking in decline: Implications for policy and practice | Dr Inge Kersbergen, University of Sheffield & Dr Laura Fenton, University of Sheffield and University of Manchester |...
Posted on 15th Jun 2017
***Thank you to Clare Beeston & the MESAS Project Team for the following information*** As many of you will already know, In 2012, the Scottish Government passed the Alcohol (Minimum Unit Pricing) (Scotland) 2012 Act (the Act) to create a minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol. The legislation contains what is known as a ‘sunset clause’. This means that it will...
Posted on 21st Oct 2016
Thanks to the Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Research for the following press release: Health professions welcome Court of Session ruling on Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) in Scotland   Scotland’s doctors and health professionals have welcomed the Court of Session’s final decision today that the Scottish Government’s Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) policy is legal.   SHAAP (Scottish Health Action...
Posted on 7th Jul 2016
Thank you to Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) for the following article. Scottish Health Professionals welcome new report from Edinburgh University Law School, backing Scottish Government’s Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing case As the Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) court case returns to the Court of Session on 7 and 8 July, SHAAP (Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems)...
Posted on 26th Feb 2016
Thanks to SHAAP for their weekly media monitoring. This article was taken from Eurek Alert, 23rd February Predicted impact of different alcohol taxation and pricing policies on health inequalities. Alcohol-content-based taxation or minimum unit pricing (MUP) are both predicted to reduce health inequalities more than taxation based on product value (ad valorem taxes) or alcohol tax increases under the current...