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News archive: Minimum Unit Pricing

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Posted on 5th Jun 2024
Taylor, N., & Livingston, M. (2024). The market matters: Shifting the minimum unit price. Drug and Alcohol Review.
Posted on 1st May 2024
Wyper, G. M., Giles, L., Beeston, C., & Shivaji, T. (2024). Recent estimates of alcohol specific deaths support alcohol minimum unit pricing. bmj, 384.
Posted on 31st Jan 2024
Maharaj, T., Fitzgerald, N., Gilligan, E., Quirke, M., MacHale, S., & Ryan, J. D. (2024). Alcohol-related emergency department presentations and hospital admissions around the time of minimum unit pricing in Ireland. Public Health, 227, 38-41.  
Posted on 30th Nov 2023
Patterson, C., Giles, L., Whitehead, R., Greci, S., Ferguson, K., Fraser, C., … & Beeston, C. (2023). Evaluating the impact of minimum unit pricing for alcohol in Scotland: a theory-based synthesis of the evidence. The Lancet, 402, S14.
Posted on 18th Jul 2023
Bashir, M. T., Bhatt, P., Thiruvothiyur, M., Khan, I., Cooper, J. G., & Poobalan, A. S. (2023, March 14). The impact of minimum unit pricing on traumatic brain injury in Scotland: a retrospective cohort study of routine national data. British Journal of Neurosurgery
Posted on 18th Jul 2023
Miller, P., Coomber, K., Lowen, T., Taylor, N., Livingston, M., Scott, D., Buykx, P., Mayshak, R., Curtis, A., Baldwin, R., Smith, J. A., Clifford, S., & Chikritzhs, T. (2023, March 30). The impact of Minimum Unit Price on police-recorded alcohol-related assault rates in the Northern Territory, Australia. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs
Posted on 18th Jul 2023
Scotland, P. H. (2023, March 21). Evaluating the impact of alcohol minimum unit pricing (MUP) on alcohol-attributable deaths and hospital admissions in Scotland – Publications – Public Health Scotland
Posted on 18th Jul 2023
Wyper, G. M. A., Mackay, D. F., Fraser, C., Lewsey, J., Robinson, M., Beeston, C., & Giles, L. (2023, April). Evaluating the impact of alcohol minimum unit pricing on deaths and hospitalisations in Scotland: a controlled interrupted time series study. The Lancet
Posted on 17th Jul 2023
Holmes, J. (2023). Is minimum unit pricing for alcohol having the intended effects on alcohol consumption in Scotland?. Addiction.
Posted on 5th Jul 2023
Government Social Research/ Welsh Government publication reviewing Minimum Pricing for Alcohol in Wales.
Posted on 5th Jul 2023
A report published by Public Health Scotland on the evaluation of minimum unit pricing for alcohol in Scotland. The report details the impact of MUP in Scotland. Published: 27 June 2023