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News archive: Gender

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Posted on 5th Jun 2024
Lyons, A. C., Kersey, K., Emslie, C., Dimova, E., & Burrows, A. (2024). Digital alcohol marketing and gender: A narrative synthesis. Drug and Alcohol Review.
Posted on 27th Oct 2023
Emma L Davies, Ivan Ezquerra-Romano, Beth Thayne, Zhi Holloway, Jacob Bayliss, Stewart O’Callaghan, Dean J Connolly, Discrimination, gender dysphoria, drinking to cope, and alcohol harms in the UK trans and non-binary community, Alcohol and Alcoholism, 2023;, agad060,
Posted on 27th Oct 2023
Davey, C. ‘It’s kind of like weaning. I had to wean myself off of wine’: Navigating no- and low-alcohol drinks as potential harm reduction tools and relapse triggers by women in recovery in the UK. Drug Alcohol Rev. 2023.