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News archive: Alcohol Policy

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Posted on 5th Jun 2024
Haragirimana, E., Mitchell, G., & Uny, I. (2024). Evaluating the progress of alcohol policies in Burundi against the WHO ‘best buy’ interventions: implications for public health. International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research, 12(S1), S57-S70.
Posted on 8th Aug 2023
Briefing paper from the Social Market foundation, by Dr Aveek Bhattacharya.
Posted on 7th Aug 2023
Angus, C. (2023). Analysis of changes in alcohol prices, taxation and affordability in the Republic of Ireland
Posted on 18th Jul 2023
Vaitkevičiūtė, J., Gobiņa, I., Janik-Koncewicz, K., Lange, S., Miščikienė, L., Petkevičienė, J., Radišauskas, R., Reile, R., Štelemėkas, M., Stoppel, R., Telksnys, T., Tran, A., Rehm, J., Zatoński, W. A., & Jiang, H. (2023, April 18). Alcohol control policies reduce all-cause mortality in Baltic Countries and Poland between 2001 and 2020. Scientific Reports
Posted on 18th Jul 2023
Casswell, S., Huckle, T., Parker, K., Graydon‐Guy, T., Leung, J., Parry, C., Torun, P., Sengee, G., Pham, C., Gray‐Phillip, G., Callinan, S., Chaiyasong, S., MacKintosh, A. M., Meier, P., & Randerson, S. (2023, April). Effective alcohol policies are associated with reduced consumption among demographic groups who drink heavily. Alcohol: Clinical and Experimental Research
Posted on 18th Jul 2023
Christie, B. (2023, April 20). Scotland needs raft of measures to reduce alcohol harms, say medical groups. BMJ
Posted on 18th Jul 2023
Kowalski, M., Livingston, M., Wilkinson, C., & Ritter, A. (2023, April 17). An overlooked effect: domestic violence and alcohol policies in the night‐time economy. Addiction
Posted on 18th Jul 2023
Hawkins, B., & van Schalkwyk, M. C. (2023, March 24). Politics and fantasy in UK alcohol policy: a critical logics approach. Critical Policy Studies
Posted on 5th Jul 2023
Commentary. Published 6 June 2023 by Society for Study of Addiction (Addiction).
Posted on 17th Nov 2021
The full recording of the special Scottish Alcohol Research Network (SARN) and Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) seminar to recognise Dr Eric Carlin’s many contributions as SHAAP Director is now available. Held on Monday 15 November via Zoom.
Posted on 30th Nov 2018
On 20–21 November 2018, Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) hosted the 8th European Alcohol Policy Conference (EAPC). The conference was attended by a variety of stakeholders in the field of alcohol policy from around Europe, including researchers, government officials, civil servants WHO representatives, recovery community groups, and people with lived experience. The conference not only addressed the key...
Posted on 7th Jul 2016
The Substance Use and Misuse Research Group at Glasgow Caledonian University has recently released a video to highlight some of  the current research interests of the group. The research group, led by Dr. Carol Emslie, aims to understand the social context of substance use and develop interventions to reduce harm. Areas of interest include but are not limited to: gender...