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Posted on 2nd Oct 2023
Angus, C., Morris, D., Leeming, G., Le Chen, R.K., Wilson, L., Stevely, A., Holmes, J., Brennan, A. and Gillespie, D., 2023. New modelling of alcohol pricing policies, alcohol consumption and harm in Scotland.
Posted on 17th Aug 2023
Bertholet, N., Schmutz, E., Studer, J., Adam, A., Gmel, G., Cunningham, J. A., McNeely, J., & Daeppen, J.-B. (2023). Effect of a smartphone intervention as a secondary prevention for use among university students with unhealthy alcohol use: randomised controlled trial. BMJ
Posted on 15th Aug 2023
Kwan, M. L., Valice, E., Ergas, I. J., Roh, J. M., Caan, B. J., Cespedes, E. M., Tatjana Kolevska, Hartman, T. J., Quesenberry, C. P., Ambrosone, C. B., & Kushi, L. H. (2023). Alcohol consumption and prognosis and survival in breast cancer survivors: The Pathways Study
Posted on 18th Jul 2023
Fraser C, Giles L. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on alcohol consumption and harm in Scotland and England: An evidence summary. Edinburgh: Public Health Scotland; 2023