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Qualitative Methods Journal Club #1 Write-up

December 4th 2020

Meeting #1 (November 2020) – Lyons et al. (2016)

In our first meeting on Wednesday 11 November, we discussed Lyons et al. Facebook and the Fun of Drinking Photos: Reproducing Gendered Regimes of Power. Journal of Marketing Education. 2016: 45-53. doi: 10.1177/2056305116672888

This beautifully written qualitative paper examines the meanings which young adults attach to sharing drinking photos on Facebook, and explores how these practices are gendered.  The memorable title clearly conveys the topic, indicates the paper will focus on respondents’ perceptions (aligned with pleasure, rather than risk) and introduces the claim that ‘fun’ drinking photos ultimately reproduce gendered and heteronormative regimes of power.  The authors argue that while both men and women manage their online identities to some extent, the tensions inherent in performing an empowered and sexy femininity in the ‘culture of intoxication’ (Griffin et al 2013) lead to more intensive engagement by young women.  This curation of online displays (taking, uploading, tagging and untagging photos) is then disparaged as trivial and self-indulgent ‘women’s work’ by young men… [Read on]

Professor Carol Emslie

Read the full report on the SSA website

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