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Gendered alcohol brand marketing in a changing world: exploring the targeting and representation of women and the implications

June 20th 2023
- 14:00


SHAAP/ SARN’s third Alcohol Occasional seminar of 2023 was delivered on Tuesday 20th June by Dr Amanda Atkinson. Dr Atkinson presented findings on gendered alcohol brand marketing in a changing world. 



Alcohol marketing is highly gendered and helps shape how gender roles and relations are understood and reproduced, and the gendered nature of drinking learned and experienced. In recent years there is evidence of changes in how women are both targeted and represented by the alcohol industry, with debate around the implications of this for gender equality and health. Dr Amanda Atkinson presented findings of a mixed methods ESRC study that explored how women are targeted and represented by alcohol brands, how this has changed over time, and how such marketing is experienced, viewed and interpreted by consumers in intersectional ways. The seminar drew on critical analysis of interviews with alcohol marketers to reflect on how women are targeted and represented, and how and why this has changed in recent times.


Dr Amanda Marie Atkinson is a Reader in the Sociology of Public Health in the Public Health Institute, at Liverpool John Moores University. Her research predominantly relates to (gendered) drinking cultures, (gendered) substance use, commercial determinants, and the influence of media and alcohol marketing depictions on identity making. She is Principle Investigator on an ESRC funded project, which explores the nature, creation, impact and regulation of gendered alcohol brand and nightlife marketing in the age of contemporary feminism(s) and social justice activism ( It considers the role of brand and venue marketing that reproduces gender stereotypes and the sexualisation of women, as well as the use of ‘social cause’; marketing which is said to promote equality, on identity making and experiences of drinking and the night time environment. Related studies on which she leads include an exploration of women’s experiences of working in the craft beer sector and how this compares to the image of craft beer as ‘progressive’ ;, and a study exploring the sobriety journeys of female sober bloggers/influencers. Her research uses both qualitative and quantitative methods (with a specialism in the former), and creative/artistic research dissemination.


You can read the event report here.

View the event recording below.