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Alcohol Marketing to LGBTQ+ people: Evolving strategies to target identity

May 24th 2023
- 14:00

Our second Alcohol Occasional of 2023 was delivered by Dr David Whiteley on Wednesday 24th May. Dr Whiteley presented findings from a recent scoping review of literature on alcohol marketing to LGBTQ+ people.

Growing evidence demonstrates higher rates of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harms among LGBTQ+ people compared to their cisgender/heterosexual counterparts. Scottish research relates this to alcohol’s normalisation within LGBTQ+ social settings, its importance to identity construction, and substance use to cope with stigma and discrimination. However, the activities of the alcohol industry in targeting LGBTQ+ communities have been largely ignored. As ‘traditional’ marketing approaches are increasingly augmented by the reach that digital media affords, a review of existing evidence is vital.

Dr David Whiteley is a nurse, research fellow and lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University.  His clinical background as a blood borne virus nurse informed his research interests, which centre on liver health, substance use and improving access to care for marginalised communities.  His previous research has focused on decentralising the treatment of hepatitis C for people who use drugs, and as a result he is an invited Lancet Commissioner for liver disease in primary care.  Since joining GCU in 2021, an interest in exploring alcohol use among marginalised populations has also grown, building on a body of work led by Prof Carol Emslie and the Substance Use Research Group.

You can read the event report here.